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Potential for Strengthening Immune Function and Sports Performance with Lactobacillus pentosus b240
PURPOSE: Recently, functional beverages have played a crucial role in supplementing basic nutrition and providing performance-enhancing and health benefits. Among these beverages, those containing Lactobacillus pentosus strain b240 (b240) have been utilized to promote the health...
The Role of Pelvic Floor Muscle Exercise in Erectile Dysfunction
PURPOSE: This study aimed to determine the role or applicability of pelvic floor muscle exercise for erectile dysfunction. METHODS: This narrative review was conducted by searching terms such as “erectile dysfunction”, “erection dysfunction”, “sexual dysfunction”, an...
Effects of Pilates-Combined Training on the Improvement of Flexibility and Pain Relief in Elite Fencers
PURPOSE: This study aimed to examine the effects of incorporating Pilates into the training regimen of elite fencers, focusing on enhancing flexibility and alleviating pain commonly experienced in the sport. METHODS: Twenty-five collegiate male elite fencers were stratified int...
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  • Most-cited are based on citations from 2022 ~ 2024.

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    Does Taekwondo Poomsae Training Impact on Body Composition, Physical Fitness, and Blood Composition in Children and Adolescents? A Systematic Review
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    The Effects of External Vibration on Coordination Strategies of Multi-Muscles during Voluntary Isometric Torque Production
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    Implantation of Decellularized Extracellular Matrix with Resistance Training Effectively Repairs a Volumetric Muscle Loss
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    Accuracy of Wearable Devices for Estimating Energy Expenditure and Heart Rate During Golf
    Hyojin Lee, Mihyun Lee, Saejong Park
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    Effects of Resistance Training and/or Protein Supplementation on Usual Gait Speed in Postmenopausal Women: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Jae Ho Park, Junghwan Oh, Sok Park
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    Physical Activity Level and Exercise Barriers According to the Transtheoretical Model in Breast Cancer Patients
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    The Effect of 8 Weeks of Online High-Intensity Interval Training on Body Composition, Blood Lipids, Cytokines, and Quality of Life in Overweight Men during the COVID-19 Era
    Dong-Hun Choi, Ah-Hyun Hyun
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    A Pilot Feasibility Study of a Combined Supervised- and Home-Based Exercise to Improve Cancer-Related Symptoms in 1-3 Colorectal Cancer Patients
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    Effects of Dynamic Warm-up Programs Including Self-Myofascial Relexation on Soft Tissue Stiffness and Exercise Performance
    Se-Young Seon, Keun-Ok An, Kwang-Jin Lee
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    Local Passive Warming Administered During the Transition Phase Impairs Subsequent Isokinetic Exercise Performance
    Xin Liu, Yongling Chang, Su Young Lee, Jeong Hyun Lee, Chansol Hurr
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    The Effect of a 6-week Non-contact Exercise Program on Body Composition and Physical Fitness in Persons with Physical Disabilities Using Wheelchairs
    Ki-Myung Han, Su-Yeon Lee, Ji Young Kim
    Exerc Sci. 2022;31(2):271-278.   Published online May 31, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2022.00122
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    Cardiometabolic Disease Risk in Normal Weight Obesity and Exercise Interventions for Proactive Prevention
    Minje Ji, Chaeeun Cho, Sewon Lee
    Exerc Sci. 2022;31(3):282-294.   Published online August 31, 2022     DOI: https://doi.org/10.15857/ksep.2022.00318
                               Cited By 1
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